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The French care about Europe. The sense of belonging to the European Union has been growing since the Brexit vote. The vision of Europe for peace is deeply entrenched in the collective imagination.

The European Union may be imperfect, but one needs to recall the reasons of its creation, what it brought in terms of peace on a continent previously marked by wars.

Anonymous, 10 February 2019

Nonetheless, the rise of populism, in both France and Europe, emphasizes a profound sense of disconnect from the political institutions that bring Europe to life. Abstention rates witnessed during recent European polls are the token of this distancing. One reason for this withdrawal specifically lies in the lack of clarity of the political representation in Europe. The decision-making mechanisms and competencies of the European Union remain complex and largely unknown to the citizens.

If the abstention rate is so high, it may be that the prerogatives of the Members of the European Parliament and of all the European institutions are broadly misunderstood.

Hélène Quintin, 15 February 2019

The European integration equals a loss of sovereignty for many, as if the European Union was not the appropriate framework to defend citizens and address the major challenges of our time: globalisation, technological revolution and energy transition.

It is necessary that the European societies unite, for these countries to be united. Therefore, we must take into consideration the aspirations and the expectations of those that don’t have a say in our societies.

François Bayrou, 10 December 2018

The legitimacy of the European Union is also questioned. Citizens share the feeling that decisions are taken in a remote, opaque and technocratic way.

Europe needs to be strong and united. It should not remain the preserve of a few experts. Its strength should only stem from the people.

Marielle de Sarnez, 19 December 2018


  • Enact a European constitution, that would ensure respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms in Europe
  • Create shared revenues (GAFAM, carbon and financial transaction taxes), in order to finance the social, economic, environmental and numerical transitions

The ecological transition is a shared concern: it must be carried out at European level in a great project.

Simon O., 23 February 2019

  • Implement a “social floor” within the European Union, notably including a minimum wage adapted to each Member State
  • Revive the eurozone thanks to joint initiatives, common investment resources, as well as a review of the mandate of the European Central Bank

Establish the euro as a feature of European sovereignty

Alan Traonienn, 03 February 2019

  • Democratise the negotiation of trade agreements and make them the levers for the ecological transition
  • Reform the CAP and put it at the service of economic and environmental goals
  • Endow the European Union with a common foreign and defence policy, geared towards conflict resolution
  • Bolster the exchange of information and the cooperation in the fight against cybercrime and terrorism, with the support of Europol
  • Consider migrations with a pragmatic and global approach, involving cooperation with countries of origin, harmonisation of the right of asylum, acknowledgement of reception conditions and development aid
  • Foster civic engagement and offer increased mobility to the European youth
  • Elect a President of the European Union by universal suffrage, who will strengthen the political embodiment of Europe

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